Saturday, July 9, 2016

Saturday 9th July

Saturday 9th July we went to Marche de Saint-Ouen ( the markets) this is a whole suburb of flea markets it puts our Paddy Markets to shame. There were so antique markets as well were I found some old fashioned french postcards. We walked and walked this day to find the antique section. We found a Napoleon Costume that was 10,000 euros to buy.

We then came back into the City of Paris and walked along the Siene with little stalls selling books, paintings and pictures. Walking along we went past the Lourve to the Tullerie Gardens where there was a Ferris Wheel. Rod and and I went up.

We took the Metro up to the Arc de Triompe and had a look. There were some crazy tourists with young kids, who didn't want to line up below and pay for a ticket. They wanted to cross the roundabout. Around the Arc de Triompe is a 3 - 4 lane roundabout. Just crazy.

Travelling on we went on an afternoon cruise on the River Seine for an hour. Chance to rest our weary legs. Poor Rod is exhausted.